Why should you obtain a Flat Fee Listing for your Houston FSBO?

A discount Flat Fee Listing gives you access to the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), whthout the tremendous expense of a normal realtor commission.

So why is it so important to have an MLS listing?

It's simple arithmetic.

Eighty-seven percent (87%) of all homes sold in the USA, are found through the MLS.

Do the math. If your Houston FSBO (For Sale By Owner) doesn't have an MLS listing, then you're missing roughly seven potential buyers, for every one that finds your home for sale through some other source. A Flat Fee Listing from Eagle Realty Group will provide you access to this huge market that you won't get without a listing.

Think about that. With a Flat Fee Listing for your Houston property, from Eagle Realty Group, you'll have roughly seven times more market exposure than an ordinary FSBO, listed on all of the other FSBO services combined.

So why do you need a Flat Fee Listing for your Houston home for sale?

Think of it this way. With a traditional 6% MLS listing, for each and every $10,000 that you get for your home, you will pay $600 in realtor fees, amounting to thousands of dollars. For our Houston Flat Fee listing, you'll pay only $495, regardless of the price you get. Do the math.


Don't delay. Get your Houston FSBO listed on the MLS. Call us now!

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